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  • How to contact the Support?

    Hi AirNavPro community, What is the correct and more efficient way to contact the AirNavPro Support? I wro...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Nov 19, 2017 12:15PM CET
  • Carte VAC abonnement impossible

    Bonjour, J'ai voulu reprendre mon abonnement "France AIP Georeferenced approch charts" IL m&#...

    4 Agent Answers 4 Community Answers Nov 18, 2017 11:53AM CET
  • P3DV4 Air Nav Bridge

    Hi, We'd like to know at which step of development the add-on is please ? :) If it's in testi...

    1 Agent Answer 3 Community Answers Nov 14, 2017 07:35PM CET
  • Search & Rescue Patterns

    Hello, do you intend to offer Search&Patterns in AirNavPro ? Kind regards Peter Jenemann

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 13, 2017 08:18PM CET
  • Issue with aero database update.

    Hi, Since two days now, each time I open Air Nav pro, a “safety warning” flag appears on the screen saying ...

    1 Agent Answer 1 Community Answer Nov 11, 2017 05:03AM CET
  • Brazilian Subscriptions

    Hey I'm trying to renew two of my subscriptions, but when I click in PayPal's link I got the follow...

    2 Agent Answers 5 Community Answers Nov 03, 2017 07:55PM CET
  • X-Plane 11 & ANP

    Does the ANP Plugin work with X-Plane 11? If not, when will the plugin be compatible for X-Plane 11. X-Plane...

    1 Agent Answer 2 Community Answers Oct 29, 2017 05:20PM CET
  • base de données aéronautique

    Bonjour, suite à la récente mise à jour du logiciel, j'ai un message qui m'indique "la base de ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Oct 28, 2017 11:26AM CEST
  • LSZB W1 and N changed

    In the latest VFR manual update, LSZB reporting points W1 and N were changed. N now just south of Ikea and the...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 12, 2017 08:48PM CEST
  • Open Flight Maps

    Hi, are there plans to integrate the open flight maps? Competitors to AirNav Pro have done it but their pr...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 07, 2017 09:10PM CEST

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