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Sync products with devices

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015 02:45PM CET
To sync all your products (maps, charts, 3D data, subscriptions, etc) with your different devices, you must first connect your Xample account with each of them. If you don't have a Xample account, you can create it for free at

You can have up to 3 different Android/iOS devices + 2 OS X devices connected at the same time.

[Note that the Xample account is NOT the same as your iTunes/Apple account. You will ONLY use your Xample ID to connect a device through the module "Air Navigation Services" under Tools, while the iTunes ID will be used in the Map Store when Apple requests it]

If you have purchases done through iTunes or the Play Store, such as maps or other data, you can sync them with your Xample account by following the procedure depicted below.
(Always sync the products in the device you originally purchased them, first)

For iOS devices:
Go to Tools -> Air Navigation Services -> Account information (Activate "Synchronise addons" option)

Login with your Xample ID, then go back to Tools and open the Map Store from Config menu.

Within the Map Store, select the TAB "All my products", wait until products are loaded.
Apple will ask you for your iTunes ID. Enter it and press Ok.

For Android devices:
Go to Config -> Air Navigation Services


Press on Login and enter your Xample ID. After logging in, go to Config -> Map Store

Select All my products and then press on "Restore purchases". Wait until products are shown.

For OS X devices:
Go to Air Navigation -> Preferences

Select the TAB "Air Navigation account" and login with your Xample ID.

Open the Map Store and select the TAB My Products -> Purchased
Apple will ask you for your iTunes ID. Enter it and press Ok.

On the Website you can check what products and devices are associated to your Xample ID.


Select the TAB "My Addons"

To check the number of devices associated, click on your USERNAME and select the TAB "Devices".
(You can revoke an old device at any time to connect a new one)

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