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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015 02:46PM CET
The Quick Search Module is a powerful tool, that will allow you to not only get quickly to a desired waypoint, but also to create new ones.

At the bottom of this document you will find a file attachment with further info for this tool QuickSearch_module_documentation-2.pdf ).

Here are some examples on how to use the quick search module:
Quick Search Module in Air Nav Pro

For these examples we will use the WGS84 in DD:MM:SS format DD:MM:S

Creating a waypoint knowing a radial and DME to a navigation aid
For this we need to enter a string with the following information: Location of the navigation aid (ICAO Code or Coordinates), radial and distance to the aid (in Nautical miles, Statute miles, Kilometers or meters)

Let's say I want to create a point that is on radial 275 of the VOR of Geneva (GVA) at 25NM DME
I will have to enter the following string in the tool:
GVA, R275, D25

The tool will choose the navigation aid with that name that is nearest to your actual position. Alternatively you can enter the coordinates: 

46:15:12 N 06:08:14 E, R275, D25

You can then choose to show the point on the map, go directly to the point, add it to the route or create an user waypoint.

If you want to use the true bearing instead of the radial you have to change the R for a B. An to change the unit just add SM for statute mile, KM for Kilometer or M for meter at the end of Distance:

GVA, B275, D25KM

If you are already flying and you don´t know the distance to the point. You can use your speed and a time to search for the point:

Let 's say you are flying and you are requested by ATC to report your position 5 minutes after passing over GVA. You are flying at 108 knots GS and you are on the radial 275 of GVA.

You can enter this String and the tool will search for that point:
GVA, R275, S108, T5

You can also enter a specific time in UTC. Use the Code AT before the time for this:
GVA, R275, S108, AT12:58

You can also enter the 
speed in statute miles per hour, kilometers per hour and meters per second. Enter just MPH, KMH or MPS after the speed.

Creating a waypoint knowing the radials of two navigation aids
You can create a point easily by entering the following information: Navigation Aid 1, Radial 1, Navigation Aid 2, Radial 2.

GVA, R100 , SCS, R300

Of course you can use coordinates or bearings for the above command.


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