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Importing GPX files and routes

Matias Lara Oct 08, 2017 06:07AM CEST


So I recently acquired ANP for Android, and an Android tablet (a Samsung tab) to use it with. I had no issue downloading the free maps and elevation info that the app gives access to. However, the most important part (I've got a flight in a week and got the app specifically to see my routes in it) I don't get to work: I can't import GPX files.

I looked up the manual for Android (as seen here, on the manual linked on your site ). Thing is, it doesn't look the same on my own installed app, and it doesnt seem to work:

1- The "import GPX file" option only lets me import from Google Drive, not from my own device where the files are. I uploaded the GPX file to google drive anyways, but when I try to open it from there, it just gives me an error string that ends with "No such file or directory" (I know the files are there because I can open them with other apps no problem).
2- The "Show GPX Folder" option simply doesn't exist, it's not there on the menu. It'd work perfectly, since I have the GPX files on my device already, but the menu option just doesn't exist at all.
3- I've no idea how to get the "open with" menu on an Android device, but, for what it's worth, before I installed other GPX using apps (ANP was the first app I installed, I got the device just to use it) but with ANP already installed, whenever I tried to open the GPX files my device would just tell me I have no app installed that can use these files (wouldn't give me an option to open with ANP).

So I'm stumped. I've got the app working fine (no issues with connections, either to the internet or GPS), but the only reason I got it (to load these routes for my flight) I can't get to work. I'm kinda desperate, since so far I've invested a load of money on this (both the app and the device to run it on) yet it won't work. Help would be appreciated.

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Paula Oct 08, 2017 11:10AM CEST Xample Agent
Dear Matias,

Thanks for your interest in Air Navigation.

Have you already tried sending your GPX files to the email that is configured in your device and importing the GPX file from there?

Regarding the issue with Google Drive I will report it to the developers, so as they can fix it as soon as possible.

Please, contact us back if the problem continues.

Best regards,

Paula Rodríguez Almaraz
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Kashid Oct 08, 2017 12:53PM CEST
I am exactly facing the same issue.plz advice
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Mark I Oct 11, 2017 11:12PM CEST
I have the same issue. Having used ANP for quite some time on my old Android tablet, I exported & emailed all gpx files to myself and tried to import them again on my new Android tablet.
In my gmail app there is no option to "open with" a file and storing the file on a "download" folder or whatever other folder (google drive, Onedrive, internal storage, SD storage) does not help. The files remain light grey, unselectable.
There is also no 5th option in the "choose action" pop up, so no possibility to "Show GPX folder" as shown in the user manual for Android.
Same issues on my mobile phone.
I have version 2.0.9 installed, seems to be dating back from 2015 ? Can't recall having seen updates coming in for a long time. When can we expect a new Android version of the app ?
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Oliver Oct 24, 2017 02:49AM CEST Xample Agent
Hi all,

thanks for your messages on the support forum.

We have released a new version of Air Navigation Pro for Android with lots of bug fixes and improvement.

Can you still reproduce this issue with the latest version?

Best regards

Oliver Maiwald
Xample Sàrl

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