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  • How do we insert an aerodrome in the route ?

    Since the new interface, how do we now insert LFMD or LFNA etc in the route ? It doenst seem to be anymore ...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 22, 2017 05:00AM CET
  • manuel nouvelle présentation de l'application

    Bonjour le manuel d'utilisation Air Nav Pro qui est en ligne ne correspond pas à la barre d'outil de...

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 15, 2017 06:35PM CET
  • Syncing with different devices AND update fail

    Can I load the app on 2 separate devices? I have loaded it on my Galaxy S7 Edge, as well as on my Galaxy Tab4....

    1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 13, 2017 02:14PM CET
  • Assign next waypoint

    Vorrei sapere dove trovare la funzione Assign next waypoint in ANP. Dopo l'aggiornamento selezionando un ...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 31, 2017 04:17PM CET
  • User Documents for waypoints with accent

    Hi, Airfield/waypoints names that have an accent on any of its letters can not be linked as USER DOCUMENTS ...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 29, 2017 08:22PM CET
  • No removable storage device on Galaxy S7

    Hi, ANP on my Galaxy S7 just upgraded itself to the latest version. It shows "No removable storage dev...

    3 Agent Answers 5 Community Answers Oct 29, 2017 02:33PM CET
  • custom waypoint

    I upgraded to ANP Android Ver from the older version purchased an year back, on my Lenovo tab running ...

    2 Agent Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 23, 2017 03:51PM CEST
  • Nouvelle version Android

    Bonjour à toute l'équipe ANP. Je viens de télécharger la nouvelle version avec sa nouvelle barre...

    2 Agent Answers 3 Community Answers Oct 19, 2017 08:28AM CEST

    Hi I had used Air Navigation for many months without any problem. I have reset my mobile phone and have insta...

    2 Agent Answers 2 Community Answers Oct 18, 2017 04:26PM CEST
  • Did you have some news about the fix of the new version?

    I read lot of people havinget problems to see the map and other information since last update. When this could...

    3 Agent Answers 2 Community Answers Oct 16, 2017 07:22PM CEST

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